About "Life Goes On "

"Life Goes On" was the first music video in a trilogy telling the story of 'Drake the Robot', the mascot for the band Break the Robot.

"Life Goes On" is an existential dive into the lonely mind of Drake the Robot, a real lively steam-punk robot in the ‘Break the Robot’ universe. With no master and no mission, he is compelled only by mystical signs and angelic siren calls, pulling him further and further into the wilderness. His perilous journey makes us all question our own existence and struggles, bringing hope to the modern world, as even a robot... can earn his wings.

CREW Directed by DANNY T.

Filmed and Edited by Yellowbox Films

Production Design by The Crooked Feather and Bone Kandi FX

Production Assistant (sparks) by Angie and Kim (The Agents of Lust)

Produced by Michael Zimmerlich


Drew Leatham as "Drake the Robot"

Jennifer Taber

Filmed at Sun Studios