BRAVO Pay (LA Showcase)


To create an industry-only event in Los Angeles to showcase artists on 80/20 Records.


We decided to collaborate with one of our partners, BRAVO Pay, to align our showcase with their launch of their app in Los Angeles.  Book a local venue in the Los Angeles area to feature our artists and raise awareness for the launch of BRAVO Pay in the city,


We booked the iconic Hotel Cafe, known for professionals in the music industry to discover up and coming talent.  The lineup included several of our artists.  The event was split into two parts, the first was industry-only that consisted of shorter performances and an open bar that was sponsored by BRAVO Pay.  The second was open to the public and had longer performances from the artists.  The second event emphasized the usage of paying admittance through the BRAVO Pay app to increase downloads and transactions for BRAVO Pay, another one of their goals, in addition to raising awareness of the app to Los Angeles residents.