About Omelette Prevail

Omelette Prevail is a creative agency managing brand campaigns through content and activations.

About Us

For decades, creators have been the visionaries behind unique expressions that resonate with audiences on a genuine level, delivering powerful messages.

However, we know the challenge of juggling multiple projects while making sure creators are delivering the results you need. That’s why we specialize in managing the infinite possibilities for brand awareness while collaborating with creators. Think of us as your go-to Swiss Army knife for creative management.

Our Services

Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality brand experience while saving you time. With our extensive network and years of experience, we streamline production by collaborating directly with creators and handling all administrative tasks, ensuring the most efficient completion of your project.

Omelette Prevail manages all the creative and logistical aspects of your project:

  • Strategize for your campaign, considering any objectives and KPIs you have.
  • Customize a plan to best fit your brand’s needs.
  • Manage all the logistics of production, including managing the budget, hiring and coordinating, and scheduling.

Our Story

Before Omelette Prevail there was 80/20 Records, an independent record label with over 15 years of experience releasing music and music videos as well as managing artists.  As the creation of Michael Zimmerlich and Zach Nation, they were inspired by their passion for music and technology to create a record label that would become a forward-thinking role model in the music industry.  

With that mission in mind, Mike bought two books, one on record label marketing and the other on music law. From then on it was the process of experimenting with new ideas within the music industry that included offering 80% royalties to artists, embracing piracy platforms for marketing, utilizing crowdfunding campaigns at its early stages, learning from mistakes and following the examples of organizations and individuals that they’ve admired.  After 15 years, 80/20 Records has represented over 25 artists and released dozens of albums, singles, and music videos.

Beyond label and management, the company found the need for bridging brands and organizations with artists to help tell their stories through content and experiences. This led to the evolution of a creative agency, Omelette Prevail.