Arena Merchandise Promo


Arena Merchandising partnered with 80/20 Records to provide on-demand merchandise for our artists.  Arena wanted to raise awareness of their on-demand merchandise service to other artists and record labels through a series of videos.


To raise awareness of Arena’s on-demand merchandise service we would use our roster to emphasize the importance of merchandising for artists.  In addition we would use our own partnership to further solidify our commitment to providing artists access to on-demand merchandising.


We developed two videos, one focusing on one of our artists as they are preparing for a performance with a voiceover explaining the importance of merchandising. 

The second focused on the facility creating the merchandise as the owner of Arena provides a tour for our artists as well as the owner of 80/20 Records.  The owner of Arena tells his story about his start in the music industry leading into Arena Merchandise as well as the owner of 80/20 Records discussing why we have partnered with Arena.



The journey of a musician preparing for a performance.  Narrated with the focus on the importance of merchandise.

Tour of the Arena Merchandise facility with a narration by the owner of the company telling the story of how it was started.