Zia Records and Phoenix Fan Fusion


Zia Records needed entertainment to draw customers to their pop-up store during Phoenix Fan Fusion.


Book and organize a variety of music talent and raise awareness through social media and other methods.


Booked performances that consisted of nine artists at the pop-up location over three days.

Captured and posted images and video during the performances to post on Zia Records’ social media channels.

Utilized the band Break the Robot’s mascot “Drake the Robot” to draw those passing by into the pop-up location and interact with children and customers.


“Lots of labels talk the artist friendly walk, but 80/20 [Omelette Prevail] actually walks the walk. The team’s knack for spotting, nurturing, and cultivating local talent puts them among the very best Phoenix has to offer.”

-Jason Woodbury (Marketing of Zia Records)